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September 2011

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silverfur in friendlyrecipes

A Finnish meat pie recipe

I know at least some of my friend would appreciate this...

Recipe is courtesy of this lovely site, as are all photos, since I didn't bother to take any when I made these with my mother last weekend.

The original recipe claims 15 largish meat pies... That might be underestimated, we did manage to get more than 15 and we had already cut the recipe down some.

Anyway, here are what the finished meat pies ought to look like.


6 dl milk, water or combination of each

50 g fresh yeast

½ dl oil

2 tbsp sugar (can be reduced some)

2 teasp salt

c. 14 dl flour (wheat or yeast bread flour, again, can be combination of both)

Warm the milk, add yeast, oil salt and sugar. Knead the flour in until the dough is firm and bouncy. Let rise in warm place for half an hour.


1½ dl porridge rice, cook until done and then wash in cold water

2 onions-> peel and chop fine

600 g ground meat -> brown together with the onions

spices according to own taste

Mix together all the ingredients of the filling and let cool.

Forming the meat pies:

Roll the dough into flat disk, then add filling and form into

The pies can be cooked in oven, or more traditionally in oil.

Heat oil to approximately 170*C, if no oil thermometer are at hand, the easiest way is to check with small dollop of dough, it should brown in ½minute when the oil is hot enough.

When the pie has cooked on one side, turn it around. It should look like this when done.

When the pies are cooked, it's recommended to lift the pies to drip excess oil on paper towel. The pie crust is somewhat crisp, if one wants them to soften, one can cover them with a towel or even plastic bag (when they are a little cooler).

One should keep the oil hot enough that the pies don't just soak the oil in. Using ground soy for filling instead of ground meat also works.


Oh, those look good!

That's similar to something we used to make that were called pasties (with an 'a' sound as in bath, not to be confused with apparel for burlesque performers.) *g*
It's similar to pasties, yes. (And no, I haven't seen those Burlesque ones, except on a TV when there was that '"accidentally" strip-a-boob' incident coupel years ago...)

I think the difference is in the method of cooking and the type of dough. These are cooked in oil, while pasties, I think, would be baked in oven?
Yes, that's true...I think. It's been so many years since I saw them produced.
Yum! Can I bake this instead of frying?
Well, the recipe does say they can be cooked in oven. :D

Nice to see someone being active in this group after a while of silence.