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September 2011

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rowangolightly in friendlyrecipes

How much basil is too much?

We'll see...

I was out on my patio watering my purple petunias and refilling the bird feeder and their water (since birds need water, too, when it's hot!) and decided to pick some of the basil that is getting so huge on the plant out there.

I'd thawed the package of chicken breasts from my freezer so I put them into the crock pot, added a can of low sodium cream of chicken soup and the whole handful of basil leaves with just a bit of water.

This will make a whole bunch of shredded chicken that I can then use in all sorts of ways.

But we'll see if the basil is too much; somehow, I doubt it.

Not so much a recipe as a process....which is how I cook.


My approach is somewhat different. I at least check the recipes for 'what to do and in which order', but when I have a 'rough' of the procss from the recipe, I then tend to freehand some phases and experiment with stuff like seasonings and the like.

My biggest problem has been magpie-like attention span, so I need to really watch what I am cooking, I managed to ruin couple perfectly good pots with short inattention to the stove.
Oops! Yeah, I have to stay right there if it's something I'm cooking in a pan on the stove. With a crock pot it's much easier to just load it, turn it on and leave it. Plus it doesn't heat up the kitchen during this heat wave we're having.

This is based on a recipe that has been passed around for an easy creamy-chicken supper that feeds a small crowd, usually served over rice.
I love basil- I've made spring rolls with fresh basil and baked tofu.
Fresh basil is just awesome. And this is the stuff I bought at the grocery store that says "don't bother to plant"...why would I not?